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Alcohol and Drug Addiction

from: Drug Test Fact

There are some scary things in our world today, but none is more scary than an addiction to drugs and alcohol. It’s a growing problem in our society, and alcohol and drug addiction has become a tough nut to crack, so to speak.

Drugs and alcohol make people feel good. When they are able to feel those feelings, they are apt to use more just to maintain that feeling. Eventually, the drugs and/or alcohol take hold of a person’s life until they are completely controlled by the effects they are used to. They may realize they have a problem, but when the painful withdrawal symptoms start, using seems like a much better option than suffering.

The United States has declared a “war on drugs”. This is a great effort, but it might just be too big of an epidemic to control. The real truth is that if we take a personal interest in healing those around us, we can gain control of the problem one person at a time – if we’re lucky.

Recognizing the signs of alcohol and drug addiction are actually quite easy – when you know what you’re looking for. While the following signs are just suggestions to look for, don’t take them lightly:

* Chronic bloodshot eyes
* Behavior other than normal
* Always disappearing for long periods of time
* Problems with work or school
* Excessive shaking or tremors
* Financial problems
* Avoidance of social situations
* Spacey or unintelligible conversation

If you recognize any of these signs in a loved one, you should take steps to confront your loved one and try to steer them towards recovery efforts. The process is not simple, but when you take the time to help them realize that what they are doing is damaging not only themselves but those around them, they will possibly be more open to help.

Alcohol and drug addiction can be debilitating to families all over the world. It takes hold of lives and can ruin them in an instant. Drug and alcohol addiction are very serious diseases that should not be ignored. If you think you or a loved one might be struggling with this powerful problem, seek help now!

There are more resources available now than ever before when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction. Whether you seek out help from an in-patient rehab facility or through a counseling service, it’s imperative that help be gotten in any way. Drug and alcohol addiction can be conquered, but first, there needs to be an admission that a problem exists. That doesn’t mean weakness, that actually means strength!



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