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Drug Testing Facilities vs Instant Home Drug Tests? & Pros & Cons of Drug Testing Methods

from: Serhat Pala

Drug testing labs provide accurate results for drug tests in a short period of time. Oftentimes, companies require lab drug tests in order to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for their employees.

Why Are Drug Testing Labs Used?

A drug testing facility is used to detect the use of drugs in the workplace, the home and even in law enforcement. Many times, employers will require a drug testing lab test prior to hiring as a sort of screening. Also, parents may send a sample to a drug test facility in order to discover whether or not their teen is abusing drugs. Drug testing labs are available in many different forms including urine testing, saliva testing, sweat testing and hair testing. After a sample is collected from a donor, the sample is then sent to a drug testing facility and tested for traces of illicit substances.

How Accurate Are Drug Test Facilities?

Drug test facilities provide the most accurate of drug testing options on the market today. However, many on site drug testing products are equaling lab test quality, making for a more price conscious and convenient option for businesses and families who wish to utilize drug testing.

Pros and Cons of Home and Lab Drug Testing

Deciding between using a drug testing lab or a instant drug testing kit can be difficult. Many different factors should be weighed, including the level of required accuracy and reliability, the rate at which results are produced, sample collection and cost. A drug testing facility will typically cost much more than an instant drug testing kit, although its accuracy is often guaranteed. Regardless of the drug testing method used, once a sample is collected, it can be tested immediately with an on site drug test, whereas a drug test facility will require the sample to be sent to the lab—a process which could take up to a week or more.

All in all, on site drug testing is more effective for the average consumer to use. Businesses can save large amounts of money when buying home drug test kits through corporate bulk accounts and are still guaranteed a high level of accuracy.

Worried parents who fret over their teen’s potential abuse of drugs can use at home drug testing kits to find out whether or not they are using on the spot. Waiting for a drug testing lab to return results can be excruciating, especially when it is your child’s health and wellbeing at stake. While a drug testing facility may be the most accurate and reliable form of drug testing, home drug testing kits provide a reliable alternative that save consumers and businesses money, while protecting families and employees alike from the hazards of drug abuse

Information about this article can be found at Find Drug Testing Lab Facilities. The article is prepared by Serhat Pala who runs the website TestCountry.com.

Some of the information used in this article are taken from:Workplace & Employee Drug Testing

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