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Information on Drug Addiction


If you suspect a loved one of having a drug problem, where do you go to find information? Information on drug addiction can be found in a variety of places. Even if you are the one with the addiction – when you have as much information as possible about this disease, you will be better equipped to deal with it and overcome it.

First and foremost, start with the Internet. There is so much information on the worldwide web; you can even get a little bit overwhelmed. However, it’s usually better to have too much information rather than not enough. Do a quick search on your favorite search engine for “drug addiction” and then spend some time reading through the websites you are given.

Look for books on the subject of drug addiction. Books contain a lot of relevant information that can help when addiction is part of your life. There are even some great downloadable e-books on the Internet that can give you instant information about the disease of drug addiction.

Go to your local library and see what resources they have available. Libraries offer more than books these days. They have access to documentaries, pamphlets, and magazines regarding drug addiction and recovery. They also often can provide more extensive information regarding specific drug addictions like alcoholism or methamphetamine use.

Check with your local police department. Most cities have police personnel who are specifically in charge of drug information in the schools such as the D.A.R.E. program. They are always very eager to share information with you about drug addiction in hopes that spreading the word will help curb the problem.

Talk to a doctor about drug addiction whether it’s you who has the problem or someone you love. Physicians have much of the latest information regarding drug addiction and dependence. If, for some strange reason, they don’t, they will be able to direct you to someone or someplace who has the information you are looking for.

Many churches also have extensive information regarding drug addiction – especially if those churches host 12 step programs. Talk to the clergy person who presides over the church and ask their advice. Even though they are religious people, they are not blind to the problems of society and often have some very pertinent advice to offer regarding drug addiction and recovery.

When you are dealing with a drug addiction – yours or another person’s – having all the information you can get can make the difference between a successful recovery and one that is fraught with obstacles and blockages.



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